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– 26 January 1996 in Club a Camsamerican.com m Births B 160 h Current e Current r Births h Bsearchd Current s Club lsearchCsearchusearch Club 160 l 160 ba Camsamerican.com s Current a Births csearchassearcha Bodis c Club eB 160 d Camsamerican.com s Current i Club B C Births u 160 160 erhsa Bodis c Births Club e 160 Cure 160 t Current h Bodis a Bodis ssearchmsearchr Current csearchnsearchc 160 m Club serhesearchsarsearchh Bodis h 160 tl Camsamerican.com se Camsamerican.com r Current h Births o 1 Births 0 searchdsearche Current rsearchhC 160 search6 160 Bodis ) was an American speed skater, best known for being first recipient of a gold medal at the first Winter Olympics.


Charles Jewtraw grew up near Lake Placid, New York and became the first gold medalist of the Winter Olympics by winning the opening event of the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix 1924: the 500 m speed skating.

At these games he also competed in the 5000 m speed-skate (placed 13th[1]) and in the 1500 m (placed 8th).

He retired as a speed-skater after the 1924 Olympic Games and became a representative for the Spalding Sporting Goods Company.

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Preceded by
First medal
Athletes with the most medals at Winter Olympics
January 26, 1924 – January 26, 1924
With: Oskar Olsen
Roald Larsen
Clas Thunberg
Succeeded by
Clas Thunberg and Roald Larsen
Name Jewtraw, Charles
Alternative names "Chic"
Short description Speed skater
Date of birth 5 May 1900
Place of birth Harkness NY
Date of death 26 January 1996
Place of death Palm Beach, FL

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